Best Natural Ways To Fight Knee Pain

knee pain

Knee pain is due to dislocation of bones. Sometimes this pain is capable of making person immobile due to dull pain or unbearable pain in the knees.

Dislocation is the total displacement of the articular end of the bone from the joint cavity. The normal alignment of the bones becomes altered. Various factors are attributed for bone and joint dislocations. Dislocations are classified as



3.Pathological and


There Some Other Causes Also For The Knee Pain:


Our age is also a reason for our knee pain because after a certain age the calcium in our bone will get deficit. This type of knee pain is common in people who are aboveĀ  the age of 40 years.

2)Knee Injury:

Trauma or injury to the bones of human body is getting increased with development of industry and transportation. Trauma is the biggest killer and maimed of human beings all over the world. Hippocrates in the 14th century B.C. describes the treatment of fractures and injuries to limbs.


Arthritis is the inflammation of all the components and structures of joints. It involves synovia, articular surfaces and capsule. Several etiological factors are attributed to the origin of arthritis (arthritogenesis). They are diet, psychosomatic illness, infections, diseases and metabolic abnormalities etc., Types of arthritis include:

1)Infective arthritis

2)Rheumatic arthritis

3)Osteo arthritis

4)Metabolic arthritis.

Some Control Measures Are:

1)Take half cup of coconut oil. Keep it in a stove to get heated .The oil should be heated until it turns into Lukewarm. Then apply that on the affected knee joint and massage gently. It provides relief from the pain in the affected region by improving the blood circulation.

2)Take a handful of fenugreek seeds. Roast and crush it well and make it as a powder. Add water to this powder and make it as a paste. Then during night time apply it on the affected area.

3)Take one glass of hot milk. In that hot milk one teaspoon of turmeric powder should mixed and boil it well. It is better to add turmeric powder while the milk is boiling. Mix the content well and drink it daily at bed time to get relief from the knee pain.

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