How To Dissolve Kidney Stone Naturally

dissolve kidney stones

Stone formation in kidney, Ureters or Bladder, is caused by the precipitation from the solutions of the substances in the urine. Kidney and Ureter stones are more common than Bladder stones The incidence of stone formation is the highest in summer months as the urine is more concentrated due to  the loss of fluid in the sweat. The stones tend to be a recurrent problem. Chronic dehydration is the main cause for kidney stones. Kidney stones consist mainly of calcium oxalate and /or phosphate.

Stone consists mainly of uric acid and may occur in people with GOUT. bladder stones develops as a result of a diet that is low in phosphate and protein. The most common symptom of a Stone in the kidney or ureter is renal cholic and the symptom for the bladder stones manifest with difficulty in passing urine. Stones in the bladder and lower ureter can be crushed and removed by cystoscopy or by ureterorenoscopy. The first line of treatment is lithotripsy which disintegrates stones by focusing shock waves on them from outside the body.

Remedies For Dissolve Kidney Stones

Scoparia plays an prominent role in the treatment of kidney stones. It is one of the best method of treatment. Whole part of the plant Scoparia should be grounded and then made it as a solid small bolus. One should take this solid small bolus along with tender coconut water or with barely water or with warm water.

Scoparia: It is used for the treatment of kidney stones.

Procedure : The whole part of the raw plant is to be ground, it can be made in to a solid Small bolus to be swallowed with tender coconut water or barley water or warm water.

1)Add 3 ml of virataradi kashayam , 3 ml of varunadi kashayam, 3 ml of Brihtyadi kashayam, 3 ml of punaravadi kashayam.

2) Add chandraprabha vati with Gokshuradi tablet and add some warm water and consume it before food two time a day.

3)Add punarnavasavam with cystone after meals two times a day.

Diet Food For Reducing The Size Of The Stone:

Barely water ,Tender coconut water, Barely Potsdam, water melon, Rice Kanji, Rice kidney beans, banana stem juice and at least 2-3 litres of water per day. This  items will help to reduce the size of the stone.

Patient Should Avoid This:

Tea, alcohol, tomato seed, meat spicy food, cabbage, tobacco, potato, fish and poultry.

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