How To Sleep Better And Faster

how to sleep better and faster

Good Sleep will give strength to your physical health. Nowadays sleep is considered to be less important in our busy schedule. To keep the hormone levels under control you should have good sleep, also it maintains the daily activities like having food, playing, etc. And also it helps in growth and development of your body and repair your muscles. Daily activities that affect our sleep are watching TV late night, work, playing games, chatting.

Sleep plays a major role in our health. It also helps to keep your body and mind to function at their exact level during the day time.  Better sleep can also provide good brain function that makes you fresh, pay attention and learn quickly.

Age and duration of sleep:

  • Newborns babies must sleep 16–18 hours a day
  • Children above age 6 should sleep 11–12 hours a day
  • Children above 11 should sleep at least 10 hours a day
  • Teenager should sleep for 9–10 hours a day
  • Adults should sleep at least for 7–8 hours a day

The cause of sleep deficiency:

Sleeping less than 7 hours can cause many problems.

  • Weight gain
  • Often get hunger and appetite
  • Increase in temptation for taking high carbohydrate, high-calorie foods
  • More fat is formed as metabolism is reduced in your body.
  • Cause feeling of irritation, depression.
  • Cause often tiredness
  • Energy level is reduced
  • Lack of concentration.
  • Stress level is increased
  • Cause type 2 diabetes.
  • Affect brain function.
  • Ways to improve your sleep:
  • You can improve your sleep by changing few things like lifestyle and way of sleeping.

How To Sleep Better And Faster

Reduce Caffeine consumption:

Caffeine is used to increase your energy and performance. So it is advised not to use caffeine in the afternoon or evening because it stimulates the energy by which you can feel fresh before sleep. Consumption of a large amount of caffeine can cause a sleeping problem.

Avoid Irregular sleeping time:

Irregular sleep during the day can cause side effect on your night sleep. Our body has internal clock

So taking irregular sleep during day time can confuse the internal body clock. Day napping will be fine with sleep for 30 minutes or less.

Maintain a regular bed and wake time:

Our sleep and wake cycle is maintained by our internal body clock called the circadian clock. The internal clock is present in our brain. Maintaining consistent sleep and wake up time will improve the quality of the sleep. Practicing this regular timing for few days will result in waking up at the exact time without an alarm every day.

 Keep sleeping environment comfortable:

The sleeping environment is an important one.

  • Use clothing comfortable for you.
  • Check the room temperature are comfortable.
  • Buy comfortable mattress.
  • Ensure that the room is dark and noiseless without other distraction.
  • If you are disturbed to sleep with your partner use large beds to make yourself comfortable.
  • Don’t allow your pet in your bed if you are feeling disturbed.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol:

Alcohol is considered to be sedative by many people. But taking alcohol before bed will disturb your sleep in the middle of your sleep. Drinking alcohol during the night can cause restless sleep. And also it will affect your hormones, melatonin protection and may cause sleep apnea, snoring.

Avoid cigarettes:

Smoking will increase your heart rate and blood pressure, so smoking before bed time can make you unslept for a long time.

Exercise regularly:

Doing exercise regularly during day time can make you sleep well at night.  Few exercises to do include aerobic running, workouts, walking, shuttle, swimming, tennis, dancing, swimming.

Avoid food in the late night:

Having food late at night or middle of the night will affect your sleep and growth of hormone and melatonin in your body. Taking food with high-carb few hours before going to sleep will help you to sleep faster and provide good sleep.

 Relax and reduce stress:

Relaxing before going to sleep will help you to have good sleep. You can relax your mind by listening to music, reading a book, by doing yoga or meditation, taking a hot bath, deep breathing. Stress can be reduced by daily meditation. Playing plays a major role in relaxing your mind.

Showing before bed:

Bathing in hot water can give you relaxation and free from stress which gives you good and fast sleep.

Feeling Sleepy:

Some may often feel sleepy even at the time of watching TV and eating. This is because of the sleep deficiency or a sleep disorder. Taking day nap can also cause sleepiness. A nap cannot offer you the good sleep as night sleep. Sleeping well during the night but still, you feel tired and sleep throughout the day then consult your personal health advisor.

Avoid Liquids before Bed:

Taking the excess amount of liquids before bed can disturb your sleep. It causes excessive urination during the night. It affects your sleep quality.

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