Miraculous Treatment of Knee Pain Using Cestrum Nocturnum

Treatment of Knee Pain

Night blooming jasmine (cestrum nocturnum) also called as night blooming cestrum or night jasmine is a woody evergreen shrub related to the night shade. The night jasmine grows between 4 and 13 feet tall yielding simple glory. It has lane shaped green leaves and long vine like stems. This plant which is native to West Indies and Latin America is not particularly showy but growers cultivate it for its fragrance.

Night blooming jasmine blows when the weather is warm and when it is narrow. Greenish creamy white tabular flowers rise from above leaves along the stem followed by shiny white fleshy berries. Although flowers are not showy to the eye their sweet sent can over power. The Hindi name translated to the queen of night while the manipuri name means moon flower. No fragrant garden should be without their nocturnal beauty. It plays important role in bone strengthens.

Bones And Joints:

The bones along with approximately 700 skeletal Muscles, account for 50% of our body weight. Through several types of joints they help in movements.

Bones provide protection and support. When two or more bones join together a joint or articulation is formed. To maintain the bone strengthness the night jasmine will be better. Take some tender leaves of night Jasmine plant wash it water and powdered palm sugar to make the tea/decoction. Chop well the tender night jasmine leaves and place them in the blender. Blend them to make it thinner pieces. Blending will make it semi crushed.

This method will help to get stronger decoction. Take 20 ml of water and pour it in a clean vessel. And add the leaves to water and switch on the stove. Let the leaves to boil along with water. Add half teaspoon of palm sugar to the boiling content. After 4-5 minutes switch off the stove. Take the tea in a cup and drink it. Though it is bitter and hard to drink it has a better effect on bones. Consume 150 millilitre per day to get better relief from knee pain. This type of treatment Will also strengthens the bones.

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