Surprising Benefits Of Raisins

Benefits Of Raisins

Raisins are traditionally sun dried but may also be water dipped and artificially dehydrated. However unlike fresh grapes they indeed are rich and concentrated sources of energy vitamins, electrolytes and minerals. On a weight per weight comparison basis, 100 g of dried grapes hold 24 g calories, several times more fibre, vitamins, minerals and polyphenon antioxidants then the fresh grapes. Raisins, however contains fewer amount of vitamin c, folic acid, cartooned, Lutin and xanthine than fresh grapes. In some Case whole bunch of grapes may be allowed to dry on the plant itself(vine dried).Ordinarily their moisture content should not exceed 16% of dry weight.

General Medicinal Qualities Of Grapes:

Gura(qualities)-snigdha-unctuous oily, Guru(heaviness)


Vipaka-madhura-sweet taste conversion after digestion.


Effect of Tridosha-Balances vata and pitta

Health BenefitsĀ Of Raisins:

Ayurveda says DRAKSHAA PHALOTTAMAA of all the fruits grape is the best. Each of those varieties have their own effect on Tridosha and our health as a whole. Let us explore the Ayurvedic health benefits of grapes varieties dry and fresh, unripe, semi ripe, full ripened etc.

For the healthy heart it is good to consume raisins regularly. It is named as a modulator of the body because it modulates the sugar levels in the body. Taking this raisins regularly is good for our bones and eyes. It also plays an important role in menstrual cycle. It control menstrual bleeding disorders as well as nausea. It act as a body cooling agent. In this way it plays a major role in curing burning sensation while passing urine.

Taking raisinsĀ  regularly is good constipation and dysfunction. Take a bunch of raisins in a cup and soaked it in cup of water in overnight. Consume the water in which the raisins were soaked. It is good for your health. It will also plays great role in increasing memory power of the adults. If the adult consume it daily it will make them to think creatively. Consume it twice daily will increase your memory power and boost up your energy .It also plays important role in maintaining our body fit and slim. In order to consuming artificial drinks and diet food items it is better to take dry grapes which will not affect our health

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