Surprising Benefits Of Vitamin D

Benefits Of Vitamin D

Vitamin are complex organic compounds, whose presence in trace amount in the food is essential for growth and other physiological activities. Vitamins do not have any energy value. However they are essential for controlling energy yielding processes. The identified vitamins are classified as, A, B, C, D, E and K. Of these, vitamin B and C are water soluble in nature. Vegetables and fruits containing these vitamins it washed in water as cut pieces would loose them easily. Vitamin A, D, E and K, if consumed beyond required level may cause defects, common referred to as vitaminosis. Vitamin A plays a very important role in visual perception.

Vitamin E might ensure fertility in animals. The clotting of blood is aided by vitamin K. Vitamin C provides immunity against infections and it may also support processes of the growth. The epithelial tissues of the body are maintained by vitamin A and B2. The growth of bones is ensured by vitamin D. Vitamin E plays a role in the rejuvenation of tissues. Nourishment to nerve cells is provided by vitamin B1. The process of maturation of erythrocytes is due to vitamin B2. VitaminE is an anti oxidant. vitaminb1 remains as a coenzyme in tissues metabolism and it is found useful in this process of oxidation of glucose in CNS. Vitamin B2 is essential for carbohydrate metabolism. Niacin (vitamin B) plays a role as a coenzyme and is essential for oxidation reduction reactions. Normal metabolism of amino acids and fat are due to vitaminB6. Biotin (vitamin B) serves as a coenzyme and cofactor in oxidative metabolism. Vitamin C activates certain intra cellular enzymes. Vitamin Niacin deficiency leads to pellagra. The principal symptoms of pellagra include mental changes, (dementia)  dermatitis and somatitis. The tongue becomes smooth, red and painful.

Of the various vitamins, vitamin D are calciferol on exposure to sunlight can be synthesized by our body through the lipid compound called ergosterol, found below our skin. Hence it is known as Sunshine vitamin. The growth of bones is ensured by vitamin D. The process of calcium and phosphorus metabolism happens due to presence of vitamin D. Defective calcification of bone, deficiency of vitamin-D, causes rickets in growing children and osteomalacia in adults.

Role Of Vitamin D Against:



3)Prostate cancer

4)Breast cancer

5)Even effects -Diabetes and obesity

Vitamin D is considered as the most underrated nutrient in the group of nutrition. This is because that the vitamin D is freely available from the sunlight. When our body is touched by sunlight our body starts to synthesize energy. It can be without any cost. It is easily available.

Many Of Us Do Not Know The Real Value Of Vitamin D And It’s Benefits;

Here let’s we see about this vitamin D described by Mike Adams and Dr. Michael Holick.

1)Vitamin D is naturally produced by our human body when it is affected by ultraviolet radiation like sunlight.

2) We are avoiding the powerful Vitamin D by sitting inside the car or home. This because the healing rays of natural sunlight that generate vitamin D in your skin cannot penetrate through the glass materials. So we are restricting it to come inside without knowledge.

3) Our diet food cannot able to synthesize enough amount of vitamin D. It is possible only by the natural sunlight to generate more vitamin D in our body without any cost.

4)Even to get minimum amount of vitamin D every human beings should drink ten tall glasses of vitamin D fortified milk each day.  But it obtaining from sunlight is the easiest way to gain energy level

5)In the event of living nearer to the equator  you can gain more energy from sunlight very easier and faster. But it is little impossible for the countries like Canada, the UK and most. US. states which is very far apart from the equator.

6)People who are dark skinned must expose to the sunlight  at least 20-30 times as much as possible than fair – skinned people to gain equal amount of vitamin D. This colour difference indicates the above Fact and answers that this they main reason for cancer disease in many black men.

7)The work of absorbing calcium from the intestines is processed by the sufficient amount of vitamin D. If it is absence the work cannot be routine and in the same way rendering the calcium supplement will go useless.

8)To regain the vitamin D again is one of the tedious process. The chronic loss of vitamin D cannot be reversed in overnight. One should take months of vitamin D supplementation and sunlight exposure to rebuild the body’s bones and nervous system.

9)Synthesize of enough vitamin D only from sunlight exposure is somewhat impossible. You should take other diet food items to increase the level of vitamin D.

10) Sometimes your sternum.  (chest/breast bone)  will hurts more when you press it firmly. It is a the Symptom for chronic deficiency of vitamin D in our body.

11)Vitamin D before start working it should be activated by kidneys and liver .Then only it will be processed completely.

12)Suffering from kidney disease or  liver damage can have greater Impair your body’s ability to activate the circulating vitamin D.

13)All sunscreen industries are cheating us more. They hide the value of vitamin D and they only show importance to their products. So we should understand about vitamin D .

It is considered as the most powerful healing chemical in our body. Since it is easily available and you can gain more energy. The most appreciative benefit is that it is freely available from the sunlight.

Vitamin D Deficiency Can Cause

1) Prostate cancer

2)Breast cancer

3)Ovarian cancer

4) Depression

5)Colon cancer


Shocking Vitamin D Deficiency Statistics:

1)32% of people in doctors and med school students population.

2)40% of people in US population.

3)42% of people in African American women who are in child bearing age.

4)48% of people in young girls around nine to eleven years old population.

5)Upto 60% of people in all hospital patients.

Deficiency of vitamin D in a person can give chance to opportunistic disease. It can cause diseases one by one. But the best medicine is nothing but the sunlight.

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